R.A.C. Pro – Time Control Check-in

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In addition to showing you if you are early or late for particular leg, this feature allows you to calculate one of these 3 values:

  • Check-in time
  • Time remaining until you are to check-in
  • Average speed to maintain to arrive at check-in on time

To use this calculator:

  • Tap Data input to show the data input form.
  • Specify Start time which is the time the next leg of the race will start.
  • Specify Allotted time which is the amount of time you are given by race organizers to cover
    the distance of the leg.
  • Specify Distance of the leg.

After entering all necessary data, you obtain the following information:

  • Average Speed: This is the average speed that you will have to maintain to reach the check-in point at the given time.
  • Check-out time: This is the time you need to be at the check-in point.
  • Time left: This is the amount of time remaining until the check-in time.

Important: After you have entered the required data described and receive back the calculated output, you are able to enter in your
Distance traveled. By entering the Distance traveled, the app will calculate if you are early
or late for this leg.